Board & Staff

The composition of TexasDesal’s Board of Directors and staff reflects the organization’s stakeholders: cities and other water suppliers, business water-users, and individuals and organizations with expertise and/or products related to the desalination industry.


Kyle Frazier,
Executive Director


Kyle Frazier has been involved in politics and governmental relations for more than thirty years, beginning with the Mark White for Governor Campaign in 1983. Since that time, he has successfully represented a diverse client base at state and federal levels.

Mr. Frazier is the Executive Director of the Texas Desalination Association, which he co-founded in 2011. He also serves other clients’ legislative and public policy interests for water desalination, healthcare, alcohol regulation, and excise and sales taxes as Kyle Frazier Consulting, Inc.

He has served as a board member to Keep Texas Beautiful and the Woman’s Advocacy Project.

Board of Directors

  • Paul Choules, Water Cycle – President
  • Bill Norris P.E., NorrisLeal – Vice President
  • Carolyn Ahrens, Booth, Ahrens and Werkenthin, P.C. – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Jorge Arroyo, The Arroyo Group
  • Holly Churman, GHD
  • Dewitt Dees, Consultant
  • Steven Sanchez, North Alamo Water Supply Company
  • Darrell Peckham, P.G., Peckham P.G., LLC
  • Justin Sutherland, Carollo Engineers
  • Steve Walden, Steve Walden Consulting
  • Steve Young, INTERA

Board Committees

  • Legislative Committee: Justin Sutherland, Chair
  • Marine Desalination Subcommittee: Steven Walden, Chair
  • Groundwater Subcommittee: Darrell Peckham, Chair
  • Membership: N/A

Interested in joining the board or serving on a committee? Contact Kyle Frazier at (512) 322-0404.

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