Board & Staff

The composition of TexasDesal’s Board of Directors and staff reflects the organization’s stakeholders: cities and other water suppliers, business water-users, and individuals and organizations with expertise and/or products related to the desalination industry.


Kyle Frazier,
Executive Director


Board of Directors

  • Paul Choules, Water Cycle – President
  • Bill Norris P.E., NorrisLeal – Vice President
  • Mayor Webb Melder – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Jorge Arroyo, The Arroyo Group
  • Holly Churman, GHD
  • Dewitt Dees, Consultant
  • Gene Fisseler, (Retired & Independent)
  • Darrell Peckham, P.G., Peckham P.G., LLC
  • Justin Sutherland, Carollo Engineers
  • Steve Walden, Steve Walden Consulting
  • Steve Young, INTERA

Board Committees

  • Legislative Committee: Justin Sutherland, Chair
  • Nominations Committee: Gene Fisseler, Chair
  • Marine Desalination Subcommittee: Steven Walden, Chair
  • Groundwater Subcommittee: Darrell Peckham, Chair
  • Membership: N/A

Interested in joining the board or serving on a committee? Contact Kyle Frazier at (512) 322-0404.

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