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Father and SonThe mission of the Texas Desalination Association (TexasDesal) is to encourage better use of Texas’ water resources through the development of brackish, marine and other saline waters. TexasDesal does this through advocacy and education of state and local decision makers, the public, industry leaders and other stakeholders.

Our goal is to unlock key water resources to benefit Texas’ economy
by providing the conduit between the public and industry. 


TexasDesal was established in 2011 in response to the multi-year drought’s effects on municipal, agricultural and industrial water supplies, including those needed for oil and gas production. The record-breaking heat and fire and drought conditions made it clear that surface water is not sufficient to meet Texas’ growing needs. The state’s historic dependence on that limited supply has become a liability for public safety and economic prosperity. Texas has to create new water supplies, and the obvious source is below our feet and in the Gulf.

Just Before Sunset on North Padre IslandIn addition, Texas’ producers have unlocked vast amounts of oil and gas using water in hydraulic fracturing, but public concerns have increased over the use of fresh water and the disposal of saline flow-back water. Fortunately, both of these issues can be addressed using proven recycling technologies.

While desalination and recycling are not new to Texas, they have lacked unified vision and representation. Since 2011, TexasDesal and its members have been involved at the state level educating decision-makers about the need to incorporate desalination and recycling into long-term water supply planning. Streamlining state agency permitting processes as it pertains to desalination and recycling water has been a TexasDesal priority.

piles of concrete pipes for transporting water and sewerage

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