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Almost 100 desalination facilities across Texas are producing 138 million gallons of water per day.  Desalination offers a viable, drought-proof solution to water needs in the Lone Star State. Texas aquifers hold 2.7 billion acre-feet of brackish groundwater, while the Gulf of Mexico provides an inexhaustible supply of seawater. These new supplies also can free up existing water supplies for other uses and for in-stream flow.

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A Tale of 2 Water Districts: 1 Aquifer, 2 Strategies

Photo by: Texas Water Development Board / Todd Wiseman This map shows all nine major aquifers in Texas. The Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer is shown in red.   A decade ago, prospective water marketers easily secured the rights to pump more than 20 billion gal...

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San Antonio Answers Rising Water Demand with Source Diversification

BY TRAVIS HOBBS - CONTRIBUTING WRITER | AUGUST 20, 2014   City water utility addresses challenge of rapid population growth and diminished precipitation with brackish water desalination, expansion of regional water networks and wastewater recycling.  ...

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Corpus Christi Moving Nearer Construction of Desalination Plant

By James Lebas The city of Corpus Christi and Port Industries in that city are continuing toward possible construction of a desalination plant in the city. Port Industries uses some 40 percent of the city's water supply and the two have been discussing an alt ernate s...

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CA Eyes Rules Before 'Plunge Into Desalination' Standards Aim To Reduce Desalination's Impact On Marine Life

By Chris Nichols Sept. 29, 2014     Construction of the Carlsbad Desalination Project by Poseidon Water, is on schedule, slated to be open and operating November of 2015. The plant will supply 7-10% of the water supply to San Marcos via undergro...

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