Enhancing water supplies for now and the future.

Almost 100 desalination facilities across Texas are producing 138 million gallons of water per day.  Desalination offers a viable, drought-proof solution to water needs in the Lone Star State. Texas aquifers hold 2.7 billion acre-feet of brackish groundwater, while the Gulf of Mexico provides an inexhaustible supply of seawater. These new supplies also can free up existing water supplies for other uses and for in-stream flow.

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2015-10-05 - Request for Public Input on Brackish Groundwater Production Zones

The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) seeks public input to identify and designate local or regional brackish groundwater production zones in areas of the state with moderate to high availability and productivity of brackish groundwater that ca...

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2015-09-22 - Legislative Leaders Present Desalination Update at Texas Desal 2015

AUSTIN, Texas — Sept. 17, 2015 — The Texas Desalination Association’s third annual conference, Texas Desal 2015: Innovation & Reliability, will feature 37 speakers from around the world, according to a press release. Desalination has ...

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2015-09-16 - Rulemaking Meeting - HB 2031 and HB 4097: Marine Seawater Desalination

During the 84th Texas Legislative Session, the Legislature passed House Bill 2031 and House Bill 4097. HB 2031 and HB 4097 require rule changes to develop an expedited permit process for the diversion of marine seawater. Additionally, HB 2031 ...

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2015-08-20 - Texas GLO agrees to partner with company for local desalination plant

  by Matt Woolbright of the Caller Times Posted: August 18, 2015 6:15 PM The Texas General Land Office has agreed to a deal with a comp...

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2015-07-31 - City gets water proposal

By Bob Beal This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Posted: Wednesday, July 29, 2015 3:30 am   Capitan Reef updates A new company wants to upgrade Fort Stockton’s water system. At the city council meeting Monday, Republic Water Compa...

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2015-07-16 - The Q&A: Tom Pankratz

  by Polo Rocha July 14, 2015 Enlarge Tom Pankratz is a Houston-based desalination consultant and editor of the Water Desalination Report. With each issue, Trib+Water brings y...

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2015-07-14 - Texas Legislature Addresses Desal

As the 140-day biennial Texas legislative session came to an end, an effort that had begun during the 2013 session reached a successful conclusion. On 1 July, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) adopted a rule package that makes t...

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