Enhancing water supplies for now and the future.

Almost 100 desalination facilities across Texas are producing 138 million gallons of water per day.  Desalination offers a viable, drought-proof solution to water needs in the Lone Star State. Texas aquifers hold 2.7 billion acre-feet of brackish groundwater, while the Gulf of Mexico provides an inexhaustible supply of seawater. These new supplies also can free up existing water supplies for other uses and for in-stream flow.

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CEO Talks Desalination Projects And Ideas With TSCRA Members

By Colleen Schreiber Livestock Weekly July 24, 2014   ARLINGTON — “When wells run dry, we know the value of water.” That quote by Benjamin Franklin is a favorite of Kyle Fraser, CEO of the fledgling Texas Desalination Association.   ...

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Texas Lawmakers Study Desalination Expansion

By BETSY BLANEY   The Associated Press   LUBBOCK, Texas — Hundreds of miles of Texas coastline may offer more than a scenic view in the coming years. One day, it could help solve the state's water woes.   A committee of state lawmake...

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Solving San Diego's Drought

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Midland Firm Brings Next-generation Desalination To Permian Basin

Saltech’s desalination unit is providing drinking water to the residents of Mentone. Midland’s STW Resources is partnering with the company to use the technology to process brackish, flowback and produced water for oil producers. Mella McEwen Midland Re...

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